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A startup's growth and future shape depend on the initial hires. Let us help you in scrutinizing and hiring the best ones from the pool of aspirants.


The robust operation process is essential for the smooth and coordinated running of all the departments and employees. Progressing from pilot to huge scale needs a smartly drafted process, let our expertise guide you in establishing these procedures and SOPs.

Client Relationship Management

Data is the new oil and it's all about using the data in the best way to reap the benefits from them. Every single entry is equally important. Let us keep records of your data and manage it using the most suitable CRM.

Training and Engagement

Every employee is an asset. One needs to keep the group of intellects updated. Allow us to train and update your co-workers with our training modules.  Also, we organize periodic engagement activities to constantly boost and energize these thinking tanks.


Well planned on paper is half done in practical. We help you in:
1 - Organizational planning - The hierarchy of hires and work distribution. We help in setting individual KRAs.
2 - Based on market research and demand for service, we aid in long-term business planning, setting proper annual goals, and quarterly targets.

Finance Management

With the flow of money in and out, its management is a top priority. We help in daily expense reports, taxation, billing, tally, etc.

Real Time Issues

One can keep on mentioning and yet every new venture faces a new issue each passing day. Worry not!!! Our team is all set to help you at any given stage and point in time.

Ensemble Package

Connect us with your unique idea and we will take care from A to Z. Starting from scratch to final setup, we will be your constant support system.
Our success lies in our customer's success.

Forthcoming Services


If you have a great plan and are on backfoot due to capital, worry not. We will aid you in pitching your plan on genuine platforms, help you in creating impressive and informative presentations etc.


Our team is working on a service offering wherein all the accounting of your firm/company will be taken care of. Right from recording all the income and expenses to annual taxation, we have our expert chartered in action.

Legal Services

If you find dealing with legal world difficult, we are about to sort your this issue as well. From Company registration to trademark registration, from Contract documentation to joint venture documentation, we will provide you with each and every legal advice and get your procedures done.

Digital Marketing

In today's world, digital presence is mandatory for better reach. With innovative designers and experienced digital marketers, our team will soon up your social media game too.